Winch Energy


Winch Energy is a global, off-grid renewable energy developer that brings a rare combination of solar design and construction expertise, providing sustainable, wired access to power off-grid communities, industries and infrastructures at cost-effective rates. Winch Energy is registered in the UK and incorporated in 2015. EREN Renewable Energy invested into Winch Energy in March 2016 and all assets and Intellectual Property of the Winch Group were transferred.

Winch’s proprietary technology, the Remote Power Unit® (RPU®), is an innovative, containerized off-grid solution designed by Winch to provide power and communications to communities, social services and industries that currently are situated in rural environments, relying on diesel generators or intermittent and unreliable power from the national grid. The RPU provides industries with savings of up to 40% when compared to running diesel-powered generators and does not suffer from the logistical and service related issues.