SkyPower Home


SkyPower Home is manufacturing and distributing off-grid solutions such as : portable solar home systems (5W/10W), solar-powered street lights, solar panels, and energy storage batteries. Our actions catalyze the development of markets with affordable, modern off-grid lighting products, allowing developing nations to access high quality, cost-efficient, clean energy. We provide innovative and designed energy solutions.
SkyPower Home’s products help enable people without access to electricity, as well as those who use it on a daily basis, to take control of their personal energy production, storage and consumption.  Skypower Home works hand in hand with governments (Africa, Asia, South America), and local distributors worldwide in order to ensure the availability of its products to the populations.  We support and encourage education on solar power, and contribute to the advancement of sustainable energy through massive programs hand in hand with Skypower Global (4 millions solar kits in Kenya, Bangladesh, Burkina Faso).
The sun shines on all of us.