Shake Your Power


Shake Your Power is a Social Enterprise that focuses on providing clean energy and education to off- grid Africa. Launched through Kickstarter in July 2014, Founder and pop musician Sudha Kheterpal has developed the world’s first clean energygenerating musical instrument, Spark. Spark acts as a mini portable generator that creates clean, kinetic energy as it is played. Just 12 minutes of playing generates one hour of light and with its smart power system, Spark can charge up a mobile phone. With over 600 million people living without mains electricity in Africa, this affects education, family spending, health, the environment and wellbeing.

With Spark, children can do at least 2 hours of extra school work a night, families can save up to 10% of their income whilst reducing the hazardous effects of kerosene, and children are feeling safer as they walk home from school in the dark. ‘Everyday I walk home from school in the dark. I like this shaker because it makes me feel safe.’ Lucy Wambui, Makarios Children’s Home, Nyeri, Kenya. ‘I really like my school. I like this shaker because when I go home I can read my books.’ Cyrus Andai, Kimerek Primary School, Kenya.