PWRstation is a Swiss-based solar product development company that designs and markets a unique retractable photovoltaic racking system technology (EXOrac) engineered to simplify and accelerate the installation of solar projects -- and to function where traditional installations are not an option due to time and site constraints. 
EXOrac is differentiated by its proprietary “retractable” racking mechanism providing end users transportability and variable–time deployment (5 > – < 20 years); each leading advantages in a global market where solar installations must be built to last at fixed locations for a minimum economic life of 20 years to justify their cost; precluding them from numerous project opportunities. 
PWRstation’s objective is to become the de facto standard in retractable solar racking system technology.  Its initial mission is to provide organizations the ability to generate off-grid electricity in developing markets where it is estimated that more than 80 percent of all new energy production and consumption will occur by 2035.  But with EXOrac’s unique ability to mitigate flat roof maintenance and repair costs, easy removal and reinstallation during re-roofing, and as ground mounted systems that enable energy/revenue generation in under-utilized temporary commercial, industrial and rural zones (5> - < 10 years), the company is gaining attention among commercial installers and utilities in urban, grid-tied environments in Europe and the US.   
PWRstation is based in Lausanne, Switzerland, with sales offices in US. The company is a supported by the SPEco and Développement Économique de Vaud and member of SEIA, Swisscleantech, Electrosuisse and Swissolar.