Integrated Solar Technologies


Integrated Solar Technologies (IST) has developed and manufactured an advanced Concentrated Solar Module (CSM) for rural and off-grid electrification. The innovation is set to replace diesel generators and grid-powered electricity and provide both electricity and broadband connectivity.

The primary usage of the technology is to enable smart distributed mini-grids and shared solar. By integrating the advanced solar modules engineered to maximize electricity conversion of solar to WiMAX technology, IST has solved the two most difficult challenges standing in the way of sustainable development in rural areas of the world:
• A reliable and cost-effective electricity
• A cost-effective and affordable broadband connectivity
The company vision is to put technological innovation at the heart of the next industrial revolution—this time, incubated from Africa and Asia, not from Europe nor North America. The convergence of the two potentially disruptive technologies into one product will catapult low- income economies, and leapfrog from grid-based electricity unto micro-grids autonomous power, reaching poor areas of the world. While at same time ramping-up the pace of internet broadband penetration. The World Bank (2016) reports that worldwide 4 billion people do not have access to the Internet, and half-billion live outside the areas without a mobile signal. The impact of these technologies will manifest in economic growth, increase in jobs and efficiency of services. The IST technology will help businesses become more productive, people find jobs and greater opportunities, and governments deliver better public services to all.