Off Grid Energy


For over 10 years, Off Grid Energy Ltd have pioneered clean, cost effective power solutions for permanent and temporary off-grid power applications. GridtoGo™ POWERCUBE is a factory built, adaptable solution for applications as diverse as hybrid power generation, solar energy storage, grid resilience and demand side response. Our utility approved solutions provide power for remote dwellings and commercial installations as well as for utility fault response from the Scottish Highlands to the Australian outback. For the developing world, Off Grid Energy provide nano and micro de-centralised grid systems providing electrification in Asia and Africa. Products range from 400W & 800W hand portable units suitable for individual dwellings through 10-30kW pods and up to 300kVA in ISO container style. Solutions are universally compatible with inputs from unreliable grid, diesel generation, solar PV and can supply power to single or multiple consumers directly or through pay-as-you-go platforms.