Aksa Energy has been established as a subsidiary of Kazancı Holding in 1997. Kazancı Group is a group of companies that operate in its expertise area, energy industry, for almost 50 years. Kazancı group companies operate in all stages of energy value chain from production to distribution within a synergistic organization. This integrated organization of Kazancı Group form the most significant competitive advantages of Aksa Energy. Aksa Energy meets all services and solutions needed in installation and operation processes of power plants present in its portfolio under the Group in an effective, fast and efficient way. Aksa Energy is the largest public free electricity producer in Turkey.

The production portfolio of Aksa Energy includes 20 power plants which produce electricity using:

  • Natural gas,
  • Lignite,
  • Wind,
  • Hydro electricity,
  • Fuel-oil

Aksa Energy also contributes to electrical energy requirement of TRNC (Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus) with a power plant operating in the country, planting %60 of the country’s energy.

Investing in local and renewable resources

Aksa Energy concentrates its investments in local and renewable resources. The Company has the largest local and renewable power generation capacity in Turkey with 7 wind, 2 hydro electrical and Bolu Göynük lignite power plants in its portfolio. Aksa Energy, when the projects in the portfolio are completed, will enhance its position over Turkey's energy geography and speed up its sustainable growth journey as one of leading producers in the country. Aksa Energy stocks are traded in Istanbul National Market under AKSEN.