Airon Green Energy Turbines


Airon Green Energy Turbines (Airon GET) is a fast growing division of Airon Investment S.A. The company is active in the field of renewable energy sources (RES), developing and perfecting the world’s most modern small wind power plants, reaching an unparalleled efficiency of 55%. Thanks to an integrated microprocessor-based controller the turbine can work together with the photovoltaic systems. This diversification of energy sources considerably increases their users’ energy independence. As wind and solar energy are a source of green energy, using our products you care about the environment and you save natural resources.
Employing advanced technology the turbines are designed to perform as power generators in either urban areas or in rural environments, where access to the power grid is limited.
We are looking for companies, organizations, institutions and other entities which are interested in pursuing the agenda of green energy and looking for green technologies, for the generation of environmentally friendly electricity.